The list of services rendered can be found on the official site of the Company in the relevant sections.

The present agreement has public nature, is loss no strategy with forex an equivalent of “verbal agreement” and has appropriate legal effect in accordance with the international legislation in force.

This contract is made between the trading earnings with options Client-customer (hereinafter, Client) on the one side and price action software AirBionicFX company (hereinafter, Company) on the other side. In particular, development of expert advisors, technical indicators, scripts in MQL language, dynamic libraries in different programming languages under the Metatrader trading system. Development of software under server-based part of the Metatrader. As a part of programming services rendered, the Client has full right for source codes. Software sold by the Company to end users or vendors for further sale.

In this case the Company has full rights or license permit for sales of the software.

The Client obtains license agreement for product usage.

Forex strategy with no loss CreditDebit card.

Vendor-client obtains license agreement for the software sales.

Rights of product use or distribution are presented in license agreement between the Client and the Company. Solutions are a forex symbiosis strategy top 10 best forex trading strategies with no loss of services and products provided by the Company. The Client obtains full rights and source codes for the programming service and license for product usage within the forex strategy with no loss solution. Matters of final copyright are presented forex strategy with no loss in additional license agreements andor additional contracts forex strategy with no loss approved at the stage of performance objective loss no with forex strategy discussion. Request for implementation Elaboration and approval of performance objective Familiarization with invoice for payment scalping trading system metatrader 4 Payment Development Testing Deployment Warranty service Post-warranty service. Request for implementation of no loss forex a software with strategy product can be sent using relevant electronic form on the Company site.

It can also be sent to e-mail address of the manager you have worked with before or to the public e-mail forex strategy with no loss address of the Company given in the “forex strategy with no loss Contacts” section.

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Forex strategy with no loss The Expert.
The Company does not guarantee forex strategy with no loss to reply to any request sent in a manner other than above. Request forex strategy with no loss for implementation will be examined by the forex strategy with no loss Company managers within 48 hours once the request is received. If a request requires forex strategy with no loss more time for examination, then the Company manager will additionally inform of the same. Performance objective is a document describing technical details of a project. Performance objective is forex strategy with no loss prepared by the Client and approved to forex strategy with no loss be executed by the Company. Sufficiency of a performance objective is defined by forex strategy with no loss the Company.

Time for communication and elaboration forex strategy with no loss of details of the performance objective is unlimited. After performance objective is approved, the Company prepares an invoice for payment for forex project strategy with no loss implementation services and sends the same to the Client. Implementation period starts with with no strategy loss forex the invoice payment event. Warranty service period starts with completion of the development stage. In case a project has been implemented earlier than indicated in the contract, the date of warranty service start is not shifted to an earlier date. Invoice can contain the development start date different from the date of invoice payment by forex strategy with no loss the Client.

Such parameter is added in forex strategy with no case loss of high workload on software development forex no loss with department strategy. It is rarely used, but the Company retains the right to apply shifted date of project implementation start.

Forex strategy with no loss Instrument.

Invoice has several parameters with various relevance periods.

Such parameters include cost in the general section, forex strategy with no implementation loss start date. An invoice becomes forex strategy with no loss void once the longest period of the parameter relevance periods is due. On the wording, an invoice for payment will lose its relevance in 7 days. Cost is valid for 7 calendar days after an invoice creation. Beyond this period, the Company retains the right of cost variance to both decrease and increase. Project development start date is valid within 7 days. This means that in case Client have settled the bill within 7 days after its creation, then the date of project development start is guaranteed to be the bill settlement copy trade metatrader 4 date. In case of payment beyond the specified period, the Company retains the right to change development start date. For payment, the Client is to use the details indicated in the invoice.

Only in this case the Company can guarantee service delivery. The Client is to pay 100% of the amount specified in the main section of invoice unless stated otherwise.

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